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From April 17th to 19th, the corridors and halls of MINT Kongress Leoben were filled with the excitement of educators, exhibitors, and pioneers in the MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences, and Technology) sector. The event attracted approximately 500 educators each day, all eager to immerse themselves in the diverse world of MINT in schools and explore the broader topic of gender distribution within the sector.

MINT Kongress 2023 - Leoben

Among the numerous exhibitors, including TU MINKT Lab, UNI Graz, various book publishers, ProHolz, and even a mobile planetarium, the bits4kids presentation table stood out as a prime showcase of creativity and innovation. Overseen by two of our trainers, Tina and Martin, the presentation table was dedicated to introducing attendees to the fascinating world of Creative Coding.

We engaged in enriching conversations with many educators, diving deep into the essence and goals of our project. Simultaneously, we ensured the embroidery machine was always in operation, transforming code into tangible, complex designs. Using our tablets, we offered educators a hands-on experience with Catrobat, giving them a glimpse into the platform’s capabilities.

A unique feature at our presentation table allowed educators to choose a pattern, which we then embroidered onto a piece of fabric for them to take home. This offering not only symbolized the union of technology and craftsmanship but also served as a memento of their experience with bits4kids.

What’s particularly intriguing is that all the showcased and embroidered designs were programmed exclusively by children, highlighting the immense potential and creativity of young minds.

A great success

The popularity of our presentation table was evident through the continuous interest and engagement we received. We could say that if we were selling complete packages, including the embroidery machine, instructions and tablets, we would have been sold out in no time. On top of that, we even attracted the interest of a funding agency from Burgenland. 

In summary, the MINT Kongress Leoben was more than just an event; it was a celebration of innovation, learning, and the limitless possibilities that the MINT field offers. We are deeply thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it. We look forward to many more such experiences in the future.

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