Dissemination Event BRG Kepler

On June 30, 2023, the school festival of BRG Kepler took place. A key highlight of the event was the promotion of the Creative Coding concept.
With the help of many students, Martina and Nicole – our project partners from BRG Kepler – presented the Creative Coding project.

Demonstrating the creative potential of coding

With the involvement of dedicated students, an impressive array of interactive projects and activities was shown, demonstrating the creative potential of coding. Visitors of the school festival, ranging from students to parents, were invited to acquire fundamental coding skills and to implement their own small projects. The enthusiasm and commitment with which both young and older festival attendees accomplished coding tasks was an indicator that presenting Creative Coding at our school festival was the right choice.

Embroider a T-Shirt

Another highlight was the opportunity to embroider T-shirts and linen bags. Each fabric was decorated with detailed designs, which were coded by students. These designs not only symbolized the union of art and technology but also provided a starting point for inspiring discussions about the project.


Final thoughts

Our school festival served as a wonderful opportunity to strengthen community bonds, learn together and celebrate. We are convinced that events like this play a role in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with coding and in inspiring a generation of creative thinkers and doers.
The success of the Creative Coding demonstration and its resonance with the attendees was undeniable. The event caught the attention of our local newspaper, which subsequently featured an article highlighting the originality of our project and its impact.

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